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Discover the Timeless Grandeur of Duncraig Manor

Step into a world where the grace and sophistication of a past era are lovingly preserved at Duncraig Manor, Southern Pines' most enchanting retreat. Nestled within the heart of this picturesque locale, Duncraig Manor stands as a testament to the art of restoration and preservation, having been meticulously revived to its 1928 splendor. Duncraig was built by Mrs. Helen A. Lohmann and her mother, Mrs. J. H. Andrews, a Quaker Oats heiress. Designed by Alfred B. Yeomans and inspired by English Cottage style Tudor architecture, this sprawling manor was completed in 1930. Renamed Duncraig Manor by its second proprietors, it has connections to the historical Duncraig Castle in Scotland. In 1990, Duncraig Manor was showcased by the American Society of Interior Designers, attracting over 40 designers to adorn its interiors. Some of that artwork is preserved in the rooms. Now enshrined within the Southern Pines Historic District, Duncraig Manor gained its place on the Department of the Interior’s List of Historic Places in 1991.

Following a period of decline, the manor found new life under Caroline and Donald Naysmith in 2017. Their dedication to historic restoration over 18 months revitalized Duncraig, ensuring the manor’s century-old legacy endures while offering a welcoming haven for guests. In 2023, Dan and Petra D'Agostino purchased the property and continue the beautification of the sprawling four-acre estate by planting more gardens, installing a state-of-the art pool for guests to enjoy both summer and winter months, and by paying attention to the interior details of this magnificent home by upgrading linens, bedding, and guest amenities. Luxurious towels and toiletries, sumptuous breakfasts and home-baked goods, and a well-stocked Butler's Pantry for a variety of snacks and drinks are available to the guests day and night. More amenities are in the planning, and more fun is coming. Stay tuned to our website and we will be revealing the progress as it is made available. Call: 910-610-8074 for more information.