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General Policies 

  • We strongly advise the purchase of travel insurance including cancellation insurance. 
  • A one-night deposit is required to place a room or suite reservation. 
  • One week prior to the reservation arrival date the balance due for the entire stay will be billed to your credit card. 
  • Deposits will be refunded only if cancellations are made 15 days or more before the scheduled date of arrival. 
  • Cancellations less than 15 days prior to arrival are not eligible for a refund. 
  • A $50.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from all 1 to 4-night cancellation refunds (processed 15 or more days prior to arrival. For reservations over 4 nights, the cancellation fee is $100.00.
  •  Duncraig Manor is a no smoking facility and if it comes to our attention that someone has smoked in their room a service charge of $200.00 will be added to the bill. 
  • Two-night minimum stay on weekends (Friday and/or Saturday nights). 
  • We accept children only when the Inn is fully reserved for a special event. IMPORTANT - No lifeguard is on duty at the pool. An adult must accompany children. 
  • Sorry, no pets are permitted in the Manor House; however, we do allow one dog to stay with their pets in the Cottage. There will be a $50 additional charge for housekeeping after the dog. 
  • All rates are based on single or double occupancy. Up to two additional Guests in our two-bedroom suites are accepted for $50.00 per person, per night, breakfast included. (These two-bedroom suites share a bathroom). 
  • Rates subject to change without notice.

Policies for Reservations of Full Rental of Rooms and Suites 

Duncraig Manor’s rooms and suites are often rented in their entirety for Special Events. These events are often planned a year or more in advance. Weekends are in demand for Special Events at Duncraig and due to their limited number adequate commitment is essential. Therefore: 

  • A one-night deposit of $2700 plus 3% NC Occupancy Tax, and 7% NC Sales Tax, (Tot: $2970) is required to hold a reservation for all rooms/beds and suites. Six months prior to the reservation arrival date the balance for the entire stay is due. Reservations with overdue balances are subject to cancellation. This reservation is for no more than 24 persons. 
  • Deposits will be refunded only if cancellations are made 6 months prior to the scheduled date of arrival. Cancellations within the 6-month window prior to the arrival date are not eligible for a refund. 
  • A $200.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from all eligible cancellations. 

Event Policies 

Event rental is seperate from the Inn Rental. Since each event is unique, prices may vary. Most major events do use the Manor House, as it is highly desirable, and very convenient. Events/weddings are usually reserved one year in advance together with the Manor House. Duncraig Manor does not serve, sell, provide, or distribute alcoholic beverages on its premises; therefore, the Client must obtain a Limited Special Occasion Permit Application from the North Carolina ABC Commission no later than 15 days prior to the event. 

  • Event liability insurance is required. 
  • Event Cancellation insurance is recommended.