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Dan & Petra - Dan and Petra D'Agostino of Carefree, Arizona are the owners of Duncraig Manor as of 2024. They bought Duncraig last year because Petra just fell in love with the aura and mystique of the Manor. Her vision for the property is delightful and whimsical. She just wants the place to be a happy, fun place, where people can come and really feel loved and wanted, relaxed and rejuvenated - and even inspired. Her goal is to make Duncraig Manor a destination in itself; to create an event space that is unique and irresistible. She envisions events like dinner theater - Murder Mysteries, and other period plays and musical concerts. Her vision - a place where beautiful violin and cello players can be seen and heard in the English garden spaces, just as it might have been 100 years ago. What fun!

Dan loves to cook and celebrate life with fine food, family, and quality everything! He is an icon in the audio world, an inventor and owner of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, LLC of Carefree, Arizona. Dan's systems are world renowned. They specialize in designing and manufacturing the best sounding audio electronics for home stereo and home theater systems. Petra, CEO of the company, and Dan spend a lot of time traveling for their business. One day, they may call Duncraig - Home, but for now, they are both committed to excellence in everything they do.

Juliet - head housekeeper/theater professional and murder mystery specialist. Yes! Juliet does it all - sings, dances, dusts and cleans, and is very charming and beautiful. On site, she is the head housekeeper, and the go to person for anything you might be lacking. She helps all of us in our various needs. She is also a professional bartender and works with Jodi and Jeff. Juliet will be producing and directing our Dinner Theater events. She is part of the local theater groups and has been actively participating for years! She grew up in Southern PInes, knows everybody in the art world, the restaurant world, and the theater groups. If you want to know where to eat, and where to go to have fun, and how to get there, ask Juliet!

Libby - Master gardener - Flower lover/weed killer Libby has been a life-time resident of the area, and like Juliet, knows everybody and everything. She owned and operated the oldest advertisement magazine in Moore County - The Guide Lines. (no longer in circulation.) An accomplished artist herself, Libby is an art dealer, and a purveyor of fine things. She loves beauty and cares for our gardens like they were her own. Digging in the dirt and making the earth yield its treasures, Libby cares deeply for beautiful gardens.She has a store in the Design Market of Aberdeen, an incredibly fun place to shop and find unique, quality things from mid-century furnishing to jewelry and fine art. If you don't see her in the gardens, wearing a big hat, you will find her at her store (or at an art auction). Libby knows all our plants and is a library of knowledge on local gardening.

Richard Berry  - Master of all trades! Keeps the property beautiful and is the head server for all our events. He is also the project manager for Berry Services,LLC.  We say that Richie does the work of three people.  He knows the house, the yard, and all of our working systems that keep the property in tip-top shape.  He is our head server for events. His professional attitude makes him a valuable member of our team.